Monday, May 3, 2010

Sketches of Park Slope

Okay, not really sketches of Park Slope, but a couple of quick views of my most recent project, very much in early stages of design, and already undergoing significant changes (not because it's over budget, but in fact because it can and should be a little bit bigger).
Some of the key aspects:
  • It's a back yard addition to an existing townhouse, incorporating the superstructure of the existing extension, adding to it and re-cladding it.
  • The existing house will go through a systems review, and will have passive solar and superinsulation upgrades.  The 1920's era extension, typical of this neighborhood, has a transparent thermal envelope, free of insulation, and utilizes electric resistance coil heating.  We will write specifications to recycle all salvageable building materials, including the bricks, windows, joists (if we can't use them), subfloors, etc.
  • The new addition, along with an extensive renovation of the garden level interior, will provide new space that will more clearly express a contemporary urban family's lifestyle.  Home office space for parents, space for the children to entertain friends and study, and a kitchen and dining area that allow the family to be together during the making and eating of meals.  

In the next few weeks, we'll have more images as the design progresses.

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